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Why Lucknow Nursing Home Care Services?

A Proper Health Care is a human right and it is our responsibility to care about you.

Lucknow Nursing Care (LNC) is known for to deliver quality care with compassion. We provide world class medical facility to our patients at their home with best service accessible by any time of day and night, affordable price and accountable to our patients’ needs.

Be 100% sure that you will receive hospital-quality healthcare service in the comfort of your home. We provide best qualified and reviewed doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists for home visits who have passed our rigorous hiring standards and medical knowledge verified by senior doctors.

LNC have the leading home healthcare professionals in the Lucknow, ensuring that you receive the highest quality medical care services on a call. All of our caregiver’s staff are well experienced, skillful. As a result of using our services, you do not have to be tensed for caring of your family member, as we provide the best home nursing care to our patients, at the same time you will also save your valuable money, and have peace of mind with full relaxation



We Provide

Nurse at Home

Physio at Home

Elders Care

Injection on Call

Patient Care at Home

Our Vision

  1. Promises to deliver quality care with compassion.
  2. To bring world-class medical care to our patients’ homes.
  3. Aim to make primary healthcare not only more accessible but also more affordable and accountable to our patients’ needs.

Our Mission

  1. To promote the health and well-being of patients, members, and families by providing high-level, cost-effective healthcare in the home and community.